Newman's Own - Dinner in a jiffy

A big thank you you to Foodbuzz and Newman's Own who made this video possible! Newman's Own sent me a flipcam and a bunch of products to put together a fun video about making dinner in under 30 minutes. I had a blast creating, and of course chowing! Hope you enjoy it!

In my original proposal I wanted to make a no bake cereal bar for dessert, unfortunately the Newman's Own Sweet Enough Cereals aren't available near me :( Don't worry though, I still threw together an amazing meal!

7 chews:

Penny said...

That video was awesome. The pizza was so yummy looking. My husband and kids dont eat the same things I do either. Thanks

Wendy said...

great job steph! so fun!

Jeanne said...

Dance party!!! I think next time you cook with someone there may need to be a dance off! What say you? :)
& That salad looks great! I haven't had beets in my salad in forever. yum yum yum.

Great video! I love the idea of buying a plain cheese pizza and adding your own toppings to make it your own. The fig + carmelized onion sounded delicious! I imagine it's a little cheaper to buy the plain pizza, too, and having those fresh toppings makes it feel a bit more homemade and less processed. Do you make the pickled beets yourself or do you buy them that way?

stephchows said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Kelly I'm going to try and make pickled beets this summer, but this time they came from a jar. Next time though! :)

Tracy said...

Loved your video! I also love the idea of food you can customize, because hubby and I have total opposite tastes for just about everything. :-P And yes I do dance around while I'm waiting for food to cook...glad I'm not the only one. ;-)

Love the video! :-)

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