What dinner really looks like

I love blogging, I do. But some night I just want to eat. No matter how amazingly good the thing I just made, and how much I want to share the recipe with you. Sometimes, a girl just wants to sit down with a beer and chow to her hearts content. Which in my case means there will be no food left to take pretty photos of.

So I bring you a new series I'd like to start. It's called: What dinner really looks like. No styling, no props. No setting up lighting and thinking about composition or if tastespotting or foodgawker will accept it. (rejected: lighting... composition... ) Just FOOD. Real food. Haphazard, stained napkins. REAL LIFE.

Love it? Hate it? Do you only want to see pretty pictures? It's ok, no one likes to comment anyway, so I'll just keep on doing what makes me happy. ;) unless you speak up that is, then I'm happy to listen.

whole wheat spaghetti with diavola sauce
venison cooked in copious amounts of garlic and some good seasonings salad dressing
bruschetta made from whole wheat rolls, grape tomatoes, more good seasonings salad dressing, basil, shredded mozzarella, and 1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar reduced. Seriously that balsamic reduction is the key to this tasting so so amazing.

Enjoy the haphazard random :)

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7 chews:

Amanda said...

what? I like to comment! :) Wherever did you get your hands on venison?

Jeanne said...

love the randomness of what you guys are eating!

Ashley Bee said...

Ohh I should do this! I routinely take pics with my phone or camera and decide they aren't blog-worthy. This is still a pretty good, clear, detailed picture though!

natalie@thesweetslife said...

ha i can totally relate to this!! :)

Totally go for it!!! I basically stood up on my chair mid bite and snapped it LOL

I'm telling you, I'm going to start a new trend ;) well... one could hope haha

Amanda Rose said...

I LOVE this new series concept. LOVE LOVE IT.
let life happen!


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