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When I flew down to DC to see my new nephew we ate at a TON of great places. I flew
into DCA and landed before 8am... ugggg and was picked up by mom and dad. We headed to Old Town Alexandria for a little breakfast and the farmers market. We went to La Madeleine. Breakfast was amazing. I must have asked my mom if she had her camera while dad was paying since in reality he HAD the camera but she thought they left it at home.. bummer!! This breakfast was as beautiful as it was delicious, I wish I had known we had the camera! You can see their pictures (that don't do the food justice) here. Mom had croissant dough with raisins encased in caramelized cinnamon sugar, topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream and your choice of syrup. A little too sweet for me but very tasty. Dad ordered a very hearty breakfast sandwich of bacon egg and cheese on a croissant that was amazingly flaky and buttery. I had the Crêpe Romanoff two sweet crêpes topped with fresh strawberries, their signature brandy cream sauce and cinnamon. The sauce had a very complex and intriguing flavor, dad wished he had ordered what I did once he had a taste :)

Next we walked over to the farmers market and picked up some beautiful peaches, tomatoes, figs, yams... mmmmm (click on the pics to see them bigger)

For lunch one day we had some take out from a very tasty Peruvian chicken place... called The Chicken Place... gotta love the creativity of that name :) The spices on the slow rotisserie roasted chicken were so flavorful and packed with a combination of spices I couldn't figure out. The yucca was delicious (it's basically fried cactus haha) and then the plantains... mmmmmmmm soo good!!

For dinner the first night mom dad and I went to Evening Star Cafe. We started with a duck egg roll that was nicely plated and crisp without being too greasy. Mom had scallops that were cooked perfectly. I had a nice rare piece of tuna that was delicious (but not as good as the one John had in Cape Cod) and unfortunately dad had ravioli that were more like bricks of blandness then anything else. Bummer... we made it up to him with some ice cream from the Dairy Godmother yum!

Sunday morning was spent at Luna Grill and Diner. It was packed with a line out the door, luckily we got there before the rush. I can't remember what mom and dad had... but I had a simple 2 eggs with toast and potato, all simple and well prepared :)

The rest of the meals we had were ones we cooked up. I made some flourless chocolate chipolte cupcakes one night along with hamburgers, yam chips, and asian cole slaw. yum! Stockton made some yummy pizza one day, and the last day we had sandwiches.. mmmm sandwiches!

I had a wonderful time visiting and can't wait to go back and see Walton!!!

proud parents!

proud grandparents :)

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How about Steph Chows starts doing regular road trips? I'd be happy to host a Boston tour!

Babies... so cute!

stephchows said...

that sounds like the best idea ever!!!! I'm going to hold you to it ;) hehe Maybe this spring I can road trip it over to see you guys!

stephchows said...

that sounds like the best idea ever!!!! I'm going to hold you to it ;) hehe Maybe this spring I can road trip it over to see you guys!

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