Hamburger and sweet potato wedges

I've been craving a hamburger, not a gross chain restaurant smashed flat bland greasy patty and certainly not from a fast food place... bleh!!! John was off in Minneapolis on a business trip so I figured tonight was the night to make a burger! Wegmans is great in the fact you can have them portion out ground meat for you in whatever quantity you like, so I got a third of a pound 90/10 ground beef to make my burger. I hate how some places have it prepacked in 1 lb increments and dont' let you get less then a pound, I mean what am I going to do with a pound of meat when it's just me home to eat??

I didn't do anything fancy just a little cracked pepper and a dash of salt then formed it into a nice little patty. Don't mash or flatten it too much you want that nice airy texture in the meat. A quick 2 1/2 minute trip on a heated up George Forman resulted in a delicious medium rare burger. mmmm I let it rest for 5 minutes to let all the nice juices reincorporate themselves, topped it with ketchup and lettuce and chowed! mmmmmm sooo good.
Of course that wouldn't be enough to fill me up so I whipped up some baked sweet potato fries before making the burger. Super easy and a great side.

Baked sweet potato wedges
1 medium sized yam or sweet potato cut into thin wedges

olive oil spray

brown sugar

Jack Daniels BBQ sauce

Cut potato into thin wedges and spray with olive oil, sprinkle on some paprika and a little brown sugar to taste, you can load it on or do a nice light coating depending on how feisty you feel :) Place on a cookie sheet and heat in an oven (I used my toaster oven since I was just doing 1 potato for me) at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes. Place some BBQ sauce in a cute little cup and stack wedges into the cup.


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