Venison for dinner

So although the following pictures may lead you to believe otherwise... I am NOT a hunter!

at a pals camp in VT having fun target practice with his hunting riffle

practicing my aim for states with my awesome camo bow... (this would be very funny for those of you who know me well... ) "seriously you have a camo bow... didn't you grow up in NJ??"

I know I know... it sure looks like I am a hunter. Can't a girl be a wicked good shot and cloverleaf with an old school muzzle loader, AND place second at the NY State competition in the category Adult Female Bow Hunter Freestyle A Class, and NOT be a hunter? Hmmmm yes yes it is possible.

I know it may be hard to believe but it's true! I love shooting at targets, paper targets or even the big foam animals (they are just too funny, ooo a panther *thump*) (seriously the range I go to has big foam panthers, bears, skunks, and about 20 other varieties of random animals... AND you can shoot from a tree stand for the real deal experience, wind and rain included some days haha) There is something about an arrow hitting dead center and making that wonderful *thump* sound that gets me every time :)

John is also not a hunter, but he grew up in a family of them and his dad and cousins still go deer hunting every year (bow and gun season). I really have respect for bow hunters, it's not an easy thing and add in the elements of wind, a moving target, and guessing yardage, it really is a skill that requires a lot of practice. Don't get me wrong I could never do it, I was joking with John the other night about it... His mom knows I love shooting bows and such and keeps saying I should go out hunting with his dad... I can just see me, draw back, in site, thump... OMG what did I just do *bawling crying*. Yeah that's pretty much how it would go down. hahah that or his dad would have the deer all in site and I'd start screaming "run dear!! run for your life!!!" hahaha

This all being said I'm a total hypocrite because... gasp... I really like venison. Thankfully John came with a yearly venison bonus package (all boyfriends really should come with add on bonuses don't you think?) So I get my fill without any of the badness :) John cooked up an awesome sauce with ground venison for dinner which we had over pasta...

I asked him what was in it so I could blog about it... but he's not talking... so you just get a picture. It was soooo good and even better the next day after it had all marinated all night... mmmmm

PS. my parents didn't even let me have water guns as a kid... yeahhhhh wooops! sorry mom and dad :)

Ok one more really funny picture...

why do people always make you pose like this with a gun??? yup i'm a dork

3 chews:

There's something about the last shot with the rifle that makes it look like you are in one of those carnival games where you put your face through the hole and some goofy body is drawn on the other side. ;)

Meg said...

I have never tried venison, but you sure made it look enticing! Love all the pics!

stephchows said...

hahaha Neva it's probably because you can't see my neck hehehehe I totally see what you mean though!

Meg if you have a chance give it a try! It's a very lean healthy meat and it has a great flavor to it!

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