We live close to the city of Rochester, but just far enough out that there are things like horse farms and vegetable farms down the road. This also means we have things like bunnies and deer running through our yard, and if you listen closely at night you are bound to hear some owls.

OK maybe you wont hear this owl, but he is pretty darn cute. You can find the pattern in Amigurumi Animals: 15 Patterns and Dozens of Techniques for Creating Cute Crochet Creatures

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PPS. Keep your eyes peeled for a kick butt whole wheat avocado chocolate chip cookie recipe!! Coming soon!
PPPS. Info about this years jam exchange also coming in the near future!!!

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8 chews:

RunningRicig said...

that thing is seriously cute! We just got Bungee and owl toy and she's obsessed with it, carries it around on walks. It's hilarious.

Jeanne said...

Super cute owl! 
Yay Jam Exchange! It is totally jam making time!

Hilarious! Hopefully he doesn't drop it and get it lost!

Someone emailed me this week asking if I was hosting one again!! I was so
excited and realized I needed to get the signups started so people can start
brain storming jam ideas!!! I'm making blueberry cinnamon for sure again
this year :)

Jeanne said...

You are stephchows. you have to have a jam exchange!

Hannah said...

Eek, too cute! This makes me miss crafting so much... I've been away from my yarn and hooks/needles for far too long.

Did I ever tell you that you are the reason I started making/ learning how
to do all those cute little animals?? You've made some of the cutest ones
out there!

Tracy said...

So cute! And I totally want to be in on the jam exchange this year!

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