TCHO chocolate = best chocolate EVER!

ok all I have to say is wow, WOW, WOW!!!

This chocolate is AMAZING!!! I thought I'd be baking something with it but after cracking open the package tonight it somehow disappeared into oblivion. The first bite of chocolate went down so smooth it had to be followed by another.. and yet another. I then put it to the ultimate test and had my house mate give it a try. (side note: my house mate doesn't like dark chocolate, she's strictly a milk chocolate kinda girl) she took one bite and her eyes opened real wide and she said "WOW, that's the best dark chocolate I've ever had, it's really good, not bitter at all!" We then proceeded to devour the remainder of the package.

Seriously go RIGHT NOW and order some. It's amazing!!!

mmmmmm chocolate coma...

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Travis W said...

Hehe... their website is like a software startup whose service is chocolate delivery. But if you say it's that good, I'll bite. How does it compare with Green & Black's? They are my current running champion chocolate bar.

Anonymous said...

The chocolate had a dry, sort of powdery texture when melted in the mouth. Not pasty, but certainly not smooth, rich texture for the taste. I prefer chocs in the 70% to 100% range (and TCHO is in that range), so I like to let them melt for a long time on the tongue to release the flavor.

Overall the TCHO flavor is rather bland unfortunately. It absolutely and totally does not have the complexity of flavors that Scharff's 70% has, or Valhrona's.

The marketing is very clever (extremely clever - enough to get a piece in the Economist), and getting a fancy tasting room for the big tourist trade in SF may make the business work, but I'm afraid the pure taste and quality does not live up to the hype.

Travis W said...

They have a tasting room in SF?? As of last weekend, I live in SF! I love this city!

stephchows said...

Anonymous I'm curious which batch you tried from them. I just went and had another piece letting it melt in my mouth to see if it seemed powdery at all. It still had a bold but not bitter smooth texture. The batch I had was Chocolatey CGHANA 0.7BH It's possible with their constant changing on the formula the batch you got was not as good as the one I had. I haven't had a second batch but am curious how it would compare.

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