Tuna fish sandwich

Tuna fish is a wonderful thing, packed full of protein and low in calories. AND it's super quick to make up. I make this for John at least once every weekend. He calls it a BLT (I know, no mention of tuna yet I know exactly what he means when he asks for one). Actually getting him to ask for one is the hard part. He's a sweetie and hates asking me to cook for him so I'm always asking what I can make him and he says I don't have to... I then start listing... how about I make you an egg scramble... pasta? a BLT? At this point his eyes perk up so I know that is the one he feels like. hehehe. He still can't seem to believe that I love cooking for him and it's no trouble.

BLT (tuna melt)
1 can tuna
2-3 pepperoncini rings cut up
2 Tbs hummus (garlic flavor is what we use)
couple splashes red hot (chili sauce)
black pepper to taste

1 flat out low carb wrap (or a whole wheat wrap)
1/4 cup grated cheese (we use kraft fat free varieties)
2-3 slices Jennie-o lean turkey bacon

Mix tuna through black pepper. Cook turkey bacon and set aside, after removing bacon, place a wrap in the pan over medium heat. Sprinkle cheese on top. Once melted remove from pan and pile on bacon, tuna mixture, lettuce and tomato.


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