Miso Soup

woops didn't add the scallions before taking the picture :)

Miso soup is a staple in one of my friends diets, I love having it while I'm out for sushi and figured I really should learn to make it at home. Turns out it is so much easier then I would have guessed! The first time I made this I used the thin sheets of seaweed... and I'm not sure if what I bought was bad... but it tasted and smelled horrible. I love seaweed in all forms so I'm not exactly sure what happened but I tried making the soup again without the seaweed and this time it came out great! If anyone has a brand of seaweed they can recommend please leave me a comment!

One important thing to know is you can't boil miso paste. Once the soup is all done you need to let it come down to a simmer before adding the miso... otherwise... ok I'm not sure what but it's bad :) and wont taste good!

Miso Soup
1 small onion thinly sliced
4 cups water
1 small carrot sliced into thin long pieces with a vegetable peeler (optional)
8 oz firm tofu sliced into 1" pieces
8 fresh wanton wrappers torn in half
1.5 - 2 Tbs Miso Paste (I used Organic Hacho Miso)
2 scallions chopped (green and white parts)

In a medium pot cook onion until brown and starting to caramelize. Add 4 cups water and tofu chunks and bring to boil. Once boiling add carrot slices and wanton noodles, boil according to package (about 5 minutes). While that is cooking take the miso paste and dissolve it in 2 Tbs water, stir until totally dissolved. Once noodles are cooked remove pot from heat and once water is no longer boiling add dissolved miso paste mixture. Serve immediately and garnish with chopped scallions.


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