Easy Chicken Tacos and Corn on the Cobb

Chicken soft tacos are oh so tasty. There is a little place downtown that makes great chicken fresco soft tacos but it's really not a great eat in place... they got rid of most of their drink options unless you are just looking for beer and the atmosphere is kinda cramped... anyway John and I were craving some tacos but didn't feel like venturing out and cramming ourselves into the downtown place... so we made our own at home! These are super quick to make up with the help of an Ortega Chipolte taco seasoning package... cheating? perhaps, but super quick and easy :)

Chicken Soft Tacos (feeds 2-3 people depending on how hungry you are)
1.5 lbs skinless boneless chicken breast cut into bite size cubes
1 package Ortega Chipolte seasoning mix
3/4 cup water
2-3 flat out low carb wraps cut in half or soft taco shells
green leaf lettuce
tomato - sliced
low fat sour cream
onion - chopped
shredded cheese

Spray a large pan with olive oil and heat on high, cook cubed chicken breast tossing around to brown on all sides. Once almost cooked through add water and seasoning and stir to mix. Continue cooking until most of liquid has evaporated. Strain and assemble tacos using your choice of toppings.


Corn on the cobb
4 fresh from the farm corn cobbs, husks removed
pot filled with enough water to cover cobbs

Take whole corn cobbs or break in half to fit in a pot filled with enough water to cover the corn. Place on stove, turn burner on high, once the water starts boiling, set a timmer for 4 minutes. YES only 4 minutes. When it rings remove and drain the corn, let cool for a few minutes then serve. I could totally eat corn all day with nothing on it, although a little salt and pepper is always tasty. John likes a splash of red hot on his. Whatever floats your boat!


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Jeanine said...

Those chicken tacos look really good!

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