Operation Baking Gals in the paper!

Hey guys! I wanted to let everyone know that the Democrat and Chronicle (the newspaper here in Rochester) is doing a piece on Operation Baking Gals and how we (meaning whoever signed up with me :) ) are baking for a local Navy guy!! Woohoo! I'll make sure to link to the article as soon as I find it online tomorrow (Tuesday- it's going to be in the Living- food section!!) So exciting!! Hope this gets more people to bake with us!!


UPDATE: looks like it's not in the paper :( I'm totally bumming... she said it would be in the Tuesday Food section this week... maybe it will make it in later this week in the Living section... I'm going to keep checking... this is moose.

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CB said...

How exciting! Glad to be part of the StephChows team! I'll check back for the article link tomorrow. :)

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