Operation Baking gals! Round 2

It's round 2 of Operation Baking Gals! And I'm hosting this month and recruiting people to send tons of goodies to Eric! You can click on the banner above this to find out how to join in, or you can CLICK HERE!

Hope you can join in on the fun, the deadline to send out your goodies is Saturday August 30th for this round so get baking! And good news we are up to 250 bakers for round 2!!!!! Isn't that fantastic!! Good job everyone!

If you missed the deadline, no worries at all though, you can sign up to bake for round 3 at Operation Baking Gals!

My coworker Niki wanted to join in for round 2 and made zucchini bread from this recipe from Smitten Kitchen. She made one loaf with nuts and one without. She also made another batch for all of us at work to eat... it was DELICIOUS!! I totally kept going back into the kitchen to snag another piece! Eric you are going to LOVE LOVE this zucchini bread! She has a vacuum sealing machine at home so she sealed them all up to make the long trip over to Eric.

I decided to bake up some ANZAC cookies again. I don't have a vacuum sealer so I used a more inventive method... Pack your cookies into a ziplock bag with a sliding lock "easy zipper" on it, slide it so it's almost all the way shut but has enough space to stick a straw in, using the straw suck out all the air in the bag, quickly remove the straw (while still sucking in) and close the bag the rest of the way. That is what I did and I must say it was pretty darn effective! Just don't blow INTO the bag... that would be gross. If you want the recipe for the ANZAC cookies, you can find it here.

Thank you again everyone for making this such a wonderful experience! I know the soldiers absolutely appreciate all the love you are putting into your goodies!

Make sure to check back here to see the round up of what everyone sent! I should have it posted sometime next week once everyone sends me their pictures :) I'm also going to see if I can get Eric to send pictures once he gets bombarded by all the packages :)


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