What should I bake??

Ok I have a birthday party for a 4 year old on Saturday and a 1 year old on Sunday... what should I bake to bring???

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April said...

How about cupcakes baked in ice cream cones? Or the cake balls that have been going around.

Wendy said...

how about cupcakes that look like bears like you did that one time?:)

Anonymous said...

See the birthday cookie that Anna at Cookie Madness made today for her daughter's birthday.

CB said...

Frosting shots. You know little kids just like the frosting! HAHA. Definitely cupcakes of some kind. Funfetti is always a winner with kids. Heck I still love funfetti. ;)

stephchows said...

April - ooo I've never done the cupcake in icecream cone before... that could be super fun :)

Wendy - hmmm that would be some serious time to make enough hehe... if I had more time I totally would!

Anon- mmm cookie cake!

CB- I LOVE THE FROSTING SHOT IDEA!! hahaahahahah that's just funny :) So true about the funfetti though... hmmmm that may be a winner... perhaps funfetti INSIDE icecream cones??? yum!

thanks for all the brainstorming help!!

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