Beautiful Blog Award!

Susan from She's becoming domestic she's also the fabulous lady behind Operation Baking Gals gave me an award!! How exciting is that! And it's a Beautiful Blog Award!! I'm totally excited!!

Also as an update, packages have started arriving to Eric but I don't have any picture back from him yet! Also Susan says this last month around 30,000 cookies were shipped off to troops!!!! How insane is that!!! Good job everyone!! That's a LOT of cookies!!!

Now it's my turn to give the award and I'd like to give it to ... Molly from Batter Splattered She takes great pictures and I love the classy simplicity of her site! She is also one of the first food blogs I started to follow and inspired me to create my own. Molly great job!!

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JEWEL said...
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JEWEL said...

Your blog is beautiful. I would love to know how you made it three columns. I hope you can help, thanks.

Contact me at

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