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This past weekend I went on a nice girls night out to a new restaurant in town, Good Luck. Micheal the owner of Javas Coffee opened this place recently and I've heard a lot of good things about it. It's a tappa style restaurant (small plates of food to share). Micheal treated us to a bottle of wine which was fantastic thank you again Micheal!

The location is in the old fabrics and findings building and is filled with salvaged windows and doors that add a very distinctive intimate feel to the place. The bar is large and has a very interesting light fixture hanging above it. The kitchen is composed of what looks like white subway tiles and the entire place would fit perfectly in Manhattan, without the stuck up feel. Some restaurants in the area (2Vine) are a bit too stuffy and uninviting for my tastes. Good Luck it eclectic in both it's food and in the clientele, people are dresses up but not over the top or trying too hard. We arrived at 8:30 and when we left at 11 the dining room was still brimming full. The one complaint is the acoustics make everything very loud. I don't think there was any music on but we had a hard time hearing each other just from the shear noise of everyone dinning talking.

We order five different things to share and had a great time tasting and passing the dishes.
  • buttermilk fried quail with an orange blossom honey rosemary and red chilies, this was so delicate and the flavor combination was amazing.
  • roasted eggplant with house made ricotta and basil pesto, amazingly tender and the ricotta was perfectly done.
  • we also had the french fries with 3 types of dipping sauces, good but nothing special here, I would order something different next time.
  • trio of cristini, shrimp white bean and avacado tomato. The white bean was a bit bland but the shrimp was fantastic.
  • house made black farfalle with sauteed calamari arugula. This was my favorite, the farfalle was delicious and the calamari done just right, I would order this as a main dish for myself along with something else as a side.
Once all the food was gone we decided on a dessert to share. We had the blueberry and beer beignet. Basically little donut holes with a wonderful blueberry/beer sauce.

All in all it was a very laid back and enjoyable evening. I must say I did go home and eat a bowl of cereal though since I was still a bit hungry... As with most tappas places I never seem to be close to full when I leave. Everything was delicious though and I would go back again and just make sure to order more. For those on a budget... I'd probably say to skip this place since things can add up fast, but as a special night out or for something fun and different, it's a must!


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