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So this is long overdue awhile back April at Abby Sweets gave me an award! She has such great photos and recipes check her out!! You can see the awards here!

Also I was tagged!!!!

My blog friend Tracey (aka Chocoloate and Chipolte) tagged me with one of those lists of questions. So now it's my turn. Here it goes!

The rule is to answer the questions with the FIRST word or phrase that comes to mind.

1. Cell phone? annoying
2. Your significant other? Jelber (aint that a fun nickname haha)
3. Your hair? Growing back
4. Your mother? Awesome
6. Your favorite thing? snuggle
7. Your dream last night? slept so hard straight on through no dreams.. weird
8. Your favorite drink? Mai Tai or Diet Coke
9. Your dream/goal? be paid to chow/have fun
10. The room your in? work
11. Your hobby? cooking/baking/crochet/friends/sewing
12. Your fear? Not being able to help someone
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? happy
14. What you're not? lazy
15. Muffins? tasty
16. One of your wish list items? house
17. Where you grew up? south orange nj
18. The last thing you did? working on an annoying guidebook thingy
19. What are you wearing? work stuff... aka casual weekend clothing for most people
20. Favorite gadget? camera
21. Your pets? 0 but take care of 2 work cats and roomie has 2 cats
22. Your computer? mac-a-liscous
23. Your mood? busy busy
24. Missing someone? always
25. Your car? ice skate
26. Something you're not wearing? necklace... and i feel naked
27. Favorite store? no clue
28. Like someone? of course
29. Your favorite color? brown
30. When is the last time you laughed? today.. maniacally after dealing with the landlords... sooo happy we moved away from them!

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