Potent Apple Pie Punch

Red and white wine, apple cider, various sodas, and some potent apple pie punch. The favorite of the 24 24 24 Cold Comfort night was definitely the punch. It's super easy, apple juice or cider, spiced rum and cinnamon schnapps. I must say I'm really not a big drinker by any means so when I went to the liquor store I was a bit at a loss as to where to find cinnamon schnapps, first of all I never even knew it existed. So off I went searching... after finding the red and white wines I wanted along with some Captain Morgans I still couldn't find the cinnamon schnapps.

I finally gave in and asked an employee who looked at me weird and said "you mean Goldschl├Ąger?"

really that's what that stuff is??? Seriously I had no clue, all I knew is that people get really messed up on the stuff, and that there is gold floating in it... that's where my amazing knowlege on the subject ends haha. So anyway back to the recipe!

yup that's it in the HUGE punch bowl Zoe let me borrow, thanks Zoe!

Apple Pie Punch (and man this stuff has a kick to it!)
Recipe courtesy Sandra Lee, host of Food Network's Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee

2 cups apple juice or cider
4 ounces spiced rum
2 ounces cinnamon Schnapps (aka Goldschl├Ąger)
1 red apple, sliced

1. Combine apple juice, rum, and Schnapps in a punch bowl or pitcher.
2. Serve punch over ice and garnish with red apple slices.

I made 4 times this recipe for the night.


4 chews:

Astra Libris said...

Oh YUM! This looks incredible - perfect for festive chilly nights!

Meg said...

That sounds absolutely amazing!


Fantastic punch display with those candles! Very creative!

Gabi @ Mamaliga.com


Fantastic punch display with those candles! Very creative!

Gabi @ Mamaliga.com

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