Holy Yum Award

Welcome back everyone!! It's back to work and back to normal daily life. Thanksgiving was great and very crazy. We had over 20 people and there were tons of good food, here's some quick pics from the day! I'll be posting all about it later in the week!

Dad finishing placing out some ham and turkey before the vultures descend!

John and I playing pass the baby... walton got snuggled by everyone all day long, he held up great, good job walton!

All the stuffed family members after a long day of chowing

Much happened while I was away in NJ, the best of which... I got a Holy Yum award from Megans Munchies!!! How exciting is this??? Go read all about it here :) woohoo!

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Meg said...

Looks like you had a fabulous Thanksgiving! Where in NJ were you? My family is from there! My mom and dad are from Edison, NJ.

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