TCHO chocolate drenched

Before all the Thanksgiving craziness started I very excitedly received a package from TCHO!!!! As always I was very excited and ripped the package open to discover 4 packages of goodies!

Dark chocolate drenched macadamia nut treats
Dark chocolate drenched roasted nib treats
Dark chocolate drenched mango treats treats
Dark chocolate drenched honey roasted cashew treats

Can we say YUM! As you may know I've tested out straight up chocolate from TCHO before. I've always been satisfied with their quality, texture, and flavors. It's amazing the different tones they bring out by roasting the nobs differently. Their chocolate is also not bitter like most dark chocolates I've had, however these treats had more of a bitter bite to them then their straight up chocolate did.

If you like tart you'll love the mango treats, if you don't like bitter stay away from the nibs these bad boys have some serious bitter kick to them. I couldn't really tell the cashews were honey roasted the chocolate definitely overpowered the honey flavor. The macadamia nuts paired perfectly with the chocolate and I think came out on top for me in comparison to the rest of the treats. Chocolate is always a great gift and I say order some up from TCHO for all those "hard to buy for" people in your life!!

OOO and they have Tshirts now!!! How fun is that??? Ok I think it's fun :) What flavor would you be?

Come back tomorrow for some more Thanksgiving day chow recipes :)!

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Meg said...

Lucky you! They sound yummy!

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