Vegan with a vengeance Pad Thai

Awhile back I asked you all for your go to pad thai sauce recipe. A suggestion of the Vegan with a vengeance recipe was given... Well John and I gave it a try! It smelled NOTHING like any pad thai we've ever had, all we could smell was the hot chili sauce totally overpowering everything. I was less then enthusiastic to try it... with some hemming and hawing.. first bite... yum! It was pretty close to the real deal, excitedly we dug in... only to realize the more we ate, more sickeningly sweet the sauce became... The sauce calls for 6 Tbs of sugar... I was so set on following the recipe spot on even though it seemed like to much, DUMP it all went in... BAD IDEA. This sauce has promise... just a sweet promise. I'll definitely try it again, minus the sugar, and see how it tastes. I'll let you know how it goes!!!

Either way, it sure did look pretty :) And if anyone has another suggestion PLEASE PLEASE let me know!!!

PS tomorrow is John's birthday!! Happy Birthday sweets!! I'm sure I'll have a bunch of fun things posted next week that I made for his birthday weekend of chow!

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Anonymous said...

I get a really good vegan pad thai at our local Thai restaurant that is really good but I've never made my own. Definitely something to try to make at home one day. Have a fun weekend!

Meg said...

Happy early birthday to John!

It looks yummy! Sorry it was too sweet!

aleta said...

I'm so glad to see someone else who understands the importance of balance in cuisine, especially Asian, as that's kind of their thing.

Was there very much soy sauce in there? I wouldn't leave the sugar out altogether, but would reduce and add some salty if there's not much.

I hate it when a recipe disappoints. So sad. I'm sorry the pad thai let you down, Step, and I hope someone will offer another - better - recipe. I'd like to try making it too.

Maria said...

It looks good! I hope you can tweek it so it is a little less sweet! Happy Birthday to John! Have a fun weekend!

stephchows said...

thanks for all the birthday wishes to john!

Aleta there was 6 Tbs of soy sauce, so an equal amount to the sugar. I'll add some sugar next time just a very tiny bit, and increase if needed :)

It really is sad when recipes don't turn out as well as you hope they would!

Anonymous said...

hey there steph! love the posts! would you mind sending me an email so i could ask you a brief question? many thanks :)

Tim said...

Was it white sugar? I wonder if you used actual palm sugar if it would make a difference, because that's traditionally what's used in Pad Thai. It may help tone down the sweetness a bit.

stephchows said...

Hi Tim! The recipe just said sugar so I assumed it was white sugar and that is what I used. Thanks for the idea to use palm sugar! I'll have to pick some up to try :)

A bit of a bummer there. Next time, it'll probably be just right with your tweaks.

Wow, 6 tablepoons of sugar is a lot! I have to agree, it does look perfect though! :)

Reeni♥ said...

Happy Birthday John! I'm sorry it didn't turn out so good! It looks yummy!

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