Almost fat free corn bread...

...that tastes good :) No seriously it does! This isn't the sticky sweet kind, so if that's your poison of choice... you may not like this version. Oh and it's not made in a cast iron pan... so if you're from the south... please don't hurt me :) I'm just a silly northerner making low fat corn bread... so don't be hating on me :D

OK so now you are thinking... eww this is going to be nasty dry cornbread... NOPE! It's moist due to two reasons that help this thing be almost fat free... let's talk about ways to make things fat free... sub out the butter with healthier better for you things like: pureed fruit, pureed veggies, fat free yogurt... ok let's talk about that last one there. Stonyfield Farms contacted me and sent me some great coupons so I could try out and experiment with their wide range of products. They also sent a super cute spatula! Perfect for getting every last drop of yogurt out of the containers. LOVE IT!

I started out with their Greek yogurt (YUM). I've always just eaten my Greek yogurt with a little added honey and never cooked with it, so this was something new. I'm in the works of a tasty lemon poppy seed muffin using it as a base... it's not perfect yet though... so I'll have to share it with you a little down the road :)

Next I used some low fat lemon yogurt to make some AMAZING lemon blueberry muffins... but I think I've muffin overloaded you... so maybe I'll write about them later this week??

So back to that almost fat free corn bread! I used the fat free french vanilla yogurt to sub out the butter in this recipe. I also used pumpkin puree (don't worry you don't taste it... just adds the moisture and awesome texture). I also used whole wheat flour to make this thing even healthier! So why isn't this bad boy fat free? Well I used an egg... so that yolk is the tiny bit of fat in this guy. Even without the fat this thing has a really nice crumb and texture to it. I may have eaten 1/4 of the pan when I made this the other night.

mmmm cornbread!

Almost Fat free corn bread
adapted from from Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites
2 Tbs brown sugar (packed)
1 egg plus 1 egg white
3/4 cup stonyfield french vanilla fat free yogurt
1/2 cup pumpkin puree (you don't taste it... just adds awesome moist texture)

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup corn meal
1 Tbs baking powder

Heat oven to 350 and lightly spray an 8" stoneware baking pan with cooking spray or olive oil
Beat together wet ingredients and set aside.
Whisk together dry.
Add dry to wet and stir until just barley incorporated (don't over mix/beat).
Pour into pan and bake for 20-25 minutes.


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Steph said...

I think adding pumpkin puree is a great idea! Pumpkin adds such great moisture, but also texture. I remember making pumpkin muffins once and was surprised at how velvety they were.

Pearl said...

oh my goodness! i've never thought to add pumpkin puree into baked goods because i was always afraid that you'd be able to taste it... and no one in my family is really a pumpkin fan.

but you know, using greek yogurt as a base sounds very interesting! i've used regular yogurt before but not greek; have you used regular yogurt before? do you think there is a difference in texture/moisture level in the baked good between one with regular yogurt and one with greek yogurt?

i love the whole wheat factor of it, too :)

stephchows said...

steph- I think the pumpkin totally enhances the texture of these, they would be totally different without it!

pearl- adding a little wont change the taste, so the amount in this is perfect for your family! It's a great sub for butter in muffins and breads :) and mixing it with fat free yogurt cuts down on the pumpkin flavor, or in this case, you can't taste it at all!
As for your yogurt question. There is a BIG difference in baking with Greek, so I just learned haha. The moisture content is much smaller, so you need to add more moisture in some other way to balance things. I don't think I had enough moisture in my lemon poppy seed muffins and they ended up a little chewy :( Once I have it figured out though I'll totally post all about! :D

Aw, Stonyfield Farms (like, the actual farm!) is just a few miles away from my childhood home, and even closer to my heart. *awww* I've been getting cornbread requests at home, I bet the crew would like this!

Lo said...

Ain't no hatin' going on here! I bet this corn bread is fantastic! And who can argue with a bit less fat??! The pumpkin is a great idea. Good fiber in there too!

(LOVE that Stonyfield yogurt... kills a sweet tooth in 30 seconds flat :))

You're always so creative in your recipes. You manage to healthify everything in a tasty way.

Sara said...

I love that you used whole wheat flour, I'm always looking for ways to make my baking healthier.

Reeni♥ said...

This looks so moist and yummy!! I don't like my cornbread too sweet, this looks perfect!

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