Mac and Cheese... with tofu?

You can find the recipe here, but you want to know a secret?

I still like the stuff in the box with the fake powder better.... what's wrong with me????

Any other foodies out there that love love the gourmet... but also have a spot in their heart for a totally un-foodie food? What's your poison?

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I like Annie's Bunny Mac & Cheese, but I just can't bring myself to touch the original Kraft anymore... but baking my own mac & cheese from scratch is always best because I love the crispy part on top.

Mags said...

I totally agree with you that the neon orange stuff out of the box can't be beat.

I consider Velveeta cheese to be my most non-foodie ingredient. I always use 2% just to pretend to fake myself out that it's

Meg said...

I will have to try the tofu version! Every once in awhile I crave the shells & cheese!

Nurse Becky said...

I just found your blog and I am so excited to continue reading it. I am new to the clean eating revolution and healthy eating in general. Mac & Cheese is a comfort food that I will never completely resist. Yes, HEB boxed brand (my grocery store's version of Kraft, only better) with hot dogs.

P.S. Thanks for your awesome blog!

stephchows said...

Justin- Annie's is good because they have whole wheat past! Love me some whole wheat :)

Mags- I know the neon is so scary... yet so tasty to me. It's funny I only like the powder kind, the ones with actual Velveeta don't do it for me :) Guess I'm picky about my crap for me food lol.

Meg- I hope you like it more than I did! But most probably would... I'm just a sucker for powder cheese haha

Nurse Becky- Nice to meet you and welcome!! I get the Wegmans (store brand) variety here :) I like it better than Kraft too! I'm so glad you like the blog!! Let me know if you have any questions or anything :)

mac and cheese is just such a heart-happy home food. I understand.

I am depressingly addicted to spaghettios. They're my go-to happy treat about twice a month. Couldn't tell you why!!

Natalie said...

Have you ever seen Shrimp Chips at The supermarket in the Asian Section?

They smell awful, look awful, but taste great! I only eat them when I am alone ;)

How was this Tofu Mac and Cheese? It looks yummy. I could never give the boyfriend whole wheat pasta, but I could maybe try to slip in a tofu cheese sauce.

Sara said...

The stuff in the box comes out really smooth, which it's hard to achieve when you're not using processed cheese. I have to admit, I like processed cheese. A lot :)

stephchows said...

Sarah- My mom wouldn't allow those in our house growing up! Needless to say I would get my fix at friend's houses :)

Natalie- Never heard of them... but I may need to try and find them now!
It was... ok, nothing great, it needs more cheese... and totally use a food processor, I did it by hand and it was pretty lump. But I may be biased to the flavor since I'm a powder cheese girl :)

Sara- It's true, the smoothness really does make it good!

Sarah said...

Funny thing is, I HATE process cheese slices (or Cheez Whizz... *gag*) but I loooove President's Choice White Cheddar box mac

MaryBe said...

After reading the recipe, I'm not sure why the tofu is even in it? Seems like an add-on, instead of being 'all about it'.
Before my mouth decided that I don't like meat (my brain thinks I would still like it!) my secret embarrassing food was Hamburger Helper! Yikes! I think the Cheeseburger Macaroni flavor has the same yellow powder-y cheese in it!

Every once in a while I will REALLY crave the blue box!

Steph said...

I can't eat KD. Actually, it was KD and cheese whiz that turned me off mac and cheese. I've never had the real stuff before, surprisingly.

This might sound gross, but sometimes I like to open a can of cream of mushroom soup and dump a can on tuna in it. Add some ketchup and we're good..haha... just kidding about the ketchup. I'm just craving ketchup all of a sudden

Oh, I am never bashful in mentioning that Velveeta shells and cheese is just, oh, the way to go. It makes me so sick, but it's so worth it.

Marta said...

See, I think there's something wrong with me... I don't like any processed stuff. Nothing. There is not one "fake" thing I would rather over homemade... I'm trying hard to think about this... nope, nothing! Maybe my tastebuds are snobby or something, shameful!

Maria said...

I am not a huge mac and cheese fan of any kind. Hubs loves the orange stuff, bleh!

Katie said...

I've eaten handmade mac 'n' cheese at restaurants and at home before, but I've only once had mac that tasted better than Kraft (maybe it was because my friend had made it for my birthday, so it was baked with love! AWWW). I justify this weirdness by saying that there are chemicals in Kraft that are there specifically to make it taste good.

Pearl said...

i think growing up with something automatically makes it delish, unless it was something traumatizing :)

I still haven't attempted a vegan macaroni and cheese, just because I was brought up on the stuff in the box, and I know nothing homemade will ever be quite like that (for better or for worse, right?)

Cucinista said...

Confession: I live in London, and when I go back to the US I pick up my two comfort foods: Skippy and Kraft Cheese & Macaroni. Sometimes, only the fake orange powder will do.

gaga said...

I'm a sucker for the boxed stuff too! I love adding a bit of ham, spam or hot dogs and frozen veggies. I say there's nothing wrong with us :)

stephchows said...

I am totally loving how many people love the box mac and cheese!!!! LOL this is awesome! :D And so many variations! My Nana would cut up hot dogs and cook some spinach to toss in. YUM

Pearl said...

i think growing up with something automatically makes it delish, unless it was something traumatizing :)

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