Chocolate Spice Cookies

Even though Halloween falls on a saturday this year, many friends are opting to have their parties the night before, or in some cases the weekend before! Such was the case this past weekend. John and I dressed up and headed out the door to go to a friends annual party! AND man is this a good party. First off, everyone has to dress up, no outfit, no entrance. Second my friend is an AMAZING cook and I wish I took a shot of all of the food. It's over the top seriously.

Buffalo wing nuggets
Grapes stuffed with blue cheese
Fiesta Dip
Salsa cheese wraps
Cheese stick fingers
Bone shaped bread sticks
Pigs in a blanket
Cheese decorated to look like Frankenstein's head
Buffalo dip
Fried candy bars (no joke she makes them!)
Witches hat cookies
Oreo truffles
and seriously a good 10 other things!

For some reason I feel the need to bring something else even though there is enough food for an entire army! I brought along this chocolate spice cookies, they weren't my favorite, but they sure looked nice. They were all supposedly eaten so I guess they weren't that bad lol.

If you really want to make them you can find the recipe in Perfectly Light Desserts. I got this book as a gift and it's AWESOME! Yes this one wasn't the winning recipe, but it has tons of great ones in it.

Oh wait, you want to know what John and I went as? Hahaha, A prisoner of marriage and a convict :)
What's up with the purple ghost thing in the lower corner?? weird...

26 chews:

Anonymous said...

You have a ghost in your picture! Eeeek!

Mags said...

I love your costume!! Too cute Steph. Good looking cookies too.

Maria said...

I am going to make these cookies. Yum! Love the photo:)

Anonymous said...

You look adorable. I am actually dressing up as a sexy chef this year :)

you costume is hilarious and your killing me with those delicious looking cookies!

Love the costumes, Steph! You do make a gorgeous prison bride!! :)

I love Halloween parties, so much fun ... and this one sounds so tasty too! Question though, what didn't you like about the cookies? They look really good ...

Megan said...

Those cookies look fudgy and delicious! great costumes.

I always make a ton of food for parties too but seriously appreciate when my friends bring dessert!

hahaha LOVE the costumes!

stephchows said...

I thought the costume was hilarious too! And john's "tattoo sleeves" here a hit haha although they almost cut off circulation they were so tight! whoops!

Diva on a Diet- you know what it's not that they were bad at all, just not my favorite... maybe I'm not a huge spice cookie fan? Or maybe they needed a little more sweet to balance the dark chocolate powder... or maybe I should have used milk chocolate powder like they said too LOL :D

Anonymous said...

@ stephchows
Hi Stephchows! Thank's for your comment! Try this tool to read my blog in English. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh goodness these sound like your perfect fall cookies that would satisfy any chocolate craving! perfecto!

Jenny said...

chocolate! you should hand those out to your trick o' treaters.. in which case you may find a PB lovin' gal named Jenny on your door step :)

These look absolutely delish! I've never thought of combining ginger and chocolate... I want to make these right now!

m.e (Cathie) said...

you guys look fantastic!!! love it.

Pam said...

My chocolate loving family will dig these cookies.

Great costumes!

Hannah said...

Mm, those cookies sound good, and the colorful sprinkles on top are a nice touch.

Mini Baker said...

yum yum yum! chocolate and spice? these cookies sound delish! Just found your blog and I'm so excited I did, I'll be checking back often :)
-Mini Baker

Oh what fun! Delicious eats, yummy cookies, and you guys look so cute!

It was very nice of the ghost to show up for Halloween- I hope it goes away from now on though! Great picture- I'm hoping my husband consents to our Halloween picture on the blog in a few days:)

stephchows said...

Andrea- thanks so much! I'm trying to add the translated link to my sidebar now... hopefully it works!

peanutbutterbliss- thanks for stopping by!

Jenny- haha I'd give you two Jenny!

Carter- hope you like them!

Cathie- thanks!

Pam- thanks :)

Hannah- I had to add the sprinkles, too cute!

Mini Baker- welcome! can't wait to hop on over to see your blog!

Reeni- thanks!

Ann- ummm who said I got his consent hahaah whoops!

Ang said...

My husband often makes prisoner jokes about marriage so he'd love the costume! You guys looks so cute! Cool purple ghostie!

Anonymous said...

Cool costume and I love the purple ghost :)

Valerie said...

Those cookies look great and you guys look like you had fun!

Oh what fun! Delicious eats, yummy cookies, and you guys look so cute!

Pam said...

My chocolate loving family will dig these cookies.

Great costumes!

m.e (Cathie) said...

you guys look fantastic!!! love it.

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