So Stoneyfield Oikos yogurt asked us foodbloggers what makes us say ohmmm for a chance to win a crazy spa vacation (it's a Na-Moo-Ste Giveaway.. HA). Of course I want to win and need to enter!!

How to enter...
A) Share an original story about why you need to say “Ohm”
B) Post a photo of you doing yoga in a toga (Oikos is Greek yogurt after all!)
C) Share a recipe you created using Oikos yogurt as an ingredient

Hmmm as much as I love baking up new things.. it's kinda crazy thanksgiving time so I want to go with B... cause seriously... do I really need an excuse to make a total fool out of myself?? but it seems i've run out of time and people to take a silly picture of me... so you'll have to settle for A I guess :)

I like to think about life like they say about those oxygen masks on airplanes.... put yours on first and then help the person next to you... I take this to real life too, if you aren't sound mentally and physically how are you going to take care of the people you love? I've been called selfish when I've voiced this opinion... I say take some time for yourself, relax, have fun and say Ohm in your own special way :) For me, it's going to the gym, crocheting, sewing, or watching some really bad reality TV hehe :)

How do you say Ohm???

You can see more here about Oikos :)

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