Come on peeps

OK so 22 of you said yes to doing a cookie exchange after the holidays... another 5 yes to before... ok peeps I only have 4 of you signed up so far... really now??

Lets do this!!!

All the info here :)

PS we have someone in Australia and someone in the UK who need partners!! Sign up peeps!!!

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Mags said...

Steph, I've given this some added thought and since I won't be able to find the time to do this before the holidays, I'm going to bow out. After the holidays I'm planning on the BIG diet, ya know, and don't need cookies around to tempt me. Have fun though and I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

stephchows said...

Mags I totally understand, and thanks for the update!! We are up to 13 people... and 3 others waiting for parterns, UK, AUS, and a gluten free request! Hopefully I'll find pairs for those three!! Maybe I'll try my hand at gluten free if another person doesn't show up :)

Pam said...

Steph, I want to join but my family is going on a road trip for two weeks so I won't be able to.

stephchows said...

Pam- no worries!! And have a fantastic and safe road trip!! Bake cookies to bring for sure ;)

I'd love to do it but I'm a bit to far away and I don't think the cookies would end up in great shape! :(

Can't wait for this!!!

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