We're back!

Hey guys! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, or at least a good day off! John and I ate our way through NJ and are back home in Rochester! I must admit I left the photo taking to my dad and sister while I was home... so I don't have much to show at the moment. But so much to tell!

Christmas dinner was hosted by one of my cousins and they totally outdid themselves. My Aunt's cream of chicken soup recipe to start (best soup ever). The next course was homemade noodle lasagna made by Vinny. Followed by the largest ham I've ever seen (I LOVE HAM!) pineapple stuffing (which if you ask John is NOT stuffing.. I love it anyway) all types of veggies, shrimp french, salmon, all types of cheeses... and then dessert of course!

Cannoli, cakes, italian cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, fruit salad... and my favorite linzer torte!!!

So tell me, what is your favorite thing for christmas? Mine is ham hands down :) followed closely by rye bread and linzer torte :D

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Natalie said...

On Christmas Day my family grills out (we are Texan afterall!). We had steak, chicken, burgers, baked potatoes, salad and I always bring the butternut squash mac n cheese.

is it bad that my favorite item is the one I make? hehe

Megan said...

My dad always makes clams casino for me every Christmas. We have tons of amazing food, but I always look forward to those clams!

My Mom made ham and I didn't eat it! I don't eat ham. Funny how that was your favorite! My favorite was the soup - I made my mini meatball and ravioli one.

Vanessa said...

Dad's Pfeffernusse cookies and Mom's linguine with capers and anchovies. Mmmm

Ann said...

Loved seeing you guys as well! What a great day and, of course, lots of great food! I too am a fan of ham! I've already been to Carol's for a second care package of ham. One of my absolute favorites though is szalonna. Nothing you can do to health up that stuff! LOL!

stephchows said...

mmm I'd be happy to join in on any of those traditions!!!

In case anyone is wondering szalonna is basically a slab of pig fat with salt and paprika... you fry it up and it's delicious. Haven't had it in over 10 years though! :)

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