ADK camping!

So I went camping this weekend with my bud Jeanne. It was awesome. We made cake over the camp fire... yeah you read that right. But I'm too tired to type it up tonight... so instead you get me jumping off of a 12 foot rock we kayaked out to.

I don't know what you are talking about I'm not scared...

OMG what am I doing!!!!
too late now!
glug glug glug
I was scared out of my brains... but I did it! woo wooo!!

6 chews:

Mags said...

You're too brave for me.

Or maybe I'm just too old....LOL.

Looks like fun!

Jeanne said...

the pics turned out so great! Yay! My favourite is of you mid-run.

Sophie said...

You are 1 brave woman, yeah!

That's great that you had lots of fun! You even made a cake,.can't wait to see it!

I am so impressed! Really! I'm such a scaredy cat. Looks like fun, though.

Steph, you are bold, brave, adventurous and beautiful! I'll simply live through you vicariously, as I doubt I'd be brave enough to try this for myself. What a thrilling post ... you rock!

Evan @swEEts said...

How fun! I hope you regain energy enough to write up that recipe :) I'm intrigued!

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