Na Na Naan

Happy New Year!!! It's 1:11 am on 1-1-11! Fun right? Ok well dorks like me think it's fun.

In celebrating the new year I have a brand new recipe I recently tried. Whole wheat naan! John and I eat just about every cuisine but Indian is one we've never gone to together. In reality I've only had it once... it was on a first date... and it did not sit well... and the date only got more awkward as the night went on... so yeah, me and Indian food don't have a very good history. :) Ok who else has fun awkward first date stories??? anyone? anyone?

I probably still would not have made naan if it wasn't for a friend who asked if I'd ever made it. I had offered to bake them some fresh bread and asked what kind they would like. Naan. Hmmm never made it before but we all know that wasn't about to stop me!

Naan is a flat bread that in this recipe is cooked on a stove top in a skillet. It's easy to make and I'd highly recommend it. I've already made another batch and have been using it as a new base for sandwiches, and pizza! Think of all the delicious sandwiches you could pack up into your laptop messenger bag for lunch at work!

You can find the recipe here at The Little Red House.

What new recipe would you like to tackle this year?

11 chews:

oh man, I loooooooove naan! I'm totally going to try to make this.

Jeanne said...

Looks soooo yummy! I love it with hummus. But I've never tried making it. I bet it was a great gift!

Kat said...

I've had some bad first dates, but nothing involving food poisoning! Eek.

Natalie said...

naan is my favorite part of indian food! definitely need to try!

Naan is wonderful. :) I need to try making my own!

Pain SUX said...

Oh that looks soooo good ;)

I'm a new follower, I hope when you get a chance, you'll stop by and follow me back.


Megan said...

Looks good! I have often thought about trying to make naan at home too... it's pretty much the only Indian food I like.

Rachel said...

hehe, flat bread for a flat bag? Lee and I love naan but I've never made it either.
I can see how a traumatic date could tarnish Indian food by association. All those strong flavors would really ingrain themselves in your head!

I've only eaten Indian food a handful of times too--but naan was definitely my fav. I love the idea of whole wheat too!

sheena said...

YAY!! glad you liked it:) We LOVE it, and I always double the recipe and put the dough in the freezer.

stephchows said...

Sheena it's so good!! I made more last night :) I wish I saw your comment I totally would have doubled and froze half! Will do next time :)

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