Modern Traditional? and a winner

Before I announce the better butter winner I've got a random question for you. Do you like/have modern dining furniture or are you more traditional in your furniture choices? What about other objects around your house? OK now what about your personality?

I have a hard time defining which I'm more like for both my personality AND my personal style. I'm really a mix of the both. Let's take my most recent craft project for example:

Yeah that's right, it's an ipad case... high tech, modern, sleek... and yes the case is quilted... traditional, old school... juxtaposition much?

For me I think it's the perfect balance, kinda like me. I sew, I cook, I crochet... and I kept my own last name when I got married this summer. John says he never knows where I'm going to land when it comes to my traditional vs. modern views on life... I say it as keeping him on his toes. Makes life much more interesting :)

I used red thread to contrast the black and white materials. For the lining I used a fleece material and a thin layer of cotton batting for extra cushioning.

So how about you? Swing one way more than the other, or are you like me? An ipad sporting a nice quilted case.

Oh right... the winner :) Picked exclusively by
Christine of Concepcioun handmade journals. If you haven't been to her site yet go check her out! Getting married soon and need a guest book? Need amazing hand stitched notpads to stick in your purse or around your house? Want to take a bookbinding workshop?? She's your woman!

Congrats Christine! Please email me your address and I'll pass it on!

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Jeanne said...

Love the ipad case!
And there's nothing wrong with a mix of old school and new school. I'd rather pick and choose individual things that I like than have one defined style. ... but that's just me.

I'm a lot like you; I like to mix it up. Our house is an odd combination of modern and cottage, which I guess could also describe my life.

I'm currently all about modern things, but I'm sure my tastes will change as I get older.

Tracy said...

I just LOVE the iPad case; it is gorgeous! If I had an iPad, I'd totally order one from you. :-) I think hubby and I have a healthy balance of modern/traditional things in our home, so I guess I'd have to say that I'm in the middle like you!

Anonymous said...


Katie said...

Check out Nate Berkus's Design Personality Quiz:

I was a split between vintage, modern and global. I think having a mixture makes your home more unique and interesting and is a better indication of the owner's personality.

stephchows said...

I'm totally split across them all! One of each, but 2 modern LOL!

Reeni said...

The ipod case is adorable!! And I'm definitely more on the modern side!

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