Seams to me - I'll have one of everything bag

Since Jeanne was coming to town I knew I had to get the move on my "pay it forward" promise I had made to her. The short story is someone sent me an awesome homemade gift, and in return I paid it forward to 5 people by making them a home made gift. This is my first one of the year... four more to go!! You know who you are people, just keep an eye out for your homemade surprise :)

I decided to make Jeanne a bag from Seams to me by Anna Maria Horner. If you've never heard of her definitely go check her out, she makes brilliant patterned cloth, and has some awesome sewing patterns as well. I changed this pattern slightly, doing only 5 patterned materials on the front instead of the 8 the pattern suggests (ha suggests... apparently I don't only disregard recipe directions! I do it for sewing directions too!)

I love how the bag came out, and I love how much you can fit into it. Jeanne was pretty smitten with it as well which made me wicked happy! The best part is it only took a few hours total to make this bag, that's what I call instant gratification :)

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8 chews:

super cute!

that bag is so so cute! I'm impressed-I have NO sewing skill! :)

Shelley Peterson said...

Love it!!!

montclair state chick said...

Why am I not surprised. From day one, you never wanted to do things according to directions. Really cute bag.

Tracy said...

LOVE it, it is so super cute!!

Laurel said...

Great bag! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

Thanks so much! And thanks for letting me know about your site!

Kimberlycun said...

that is a gorgeous bag!!

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