It's spring... and yet.. mother nature likes to mess with us.

Not cool mother nature... not cool.

In other news my best bud Jeanne is coming into town to visit today for the weekend!! We will be having many adventures and there will be a post up Sunday night so make sure to check back. It's going to be "sweet" :)

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8 chews:

m.e (cathie) said...

absolutely beautiful Steph! i know it must be sooo cold, but it looks amazing ♥

Jeanne said...

I am sooooo excited for our adventures this weekend! Just one short morning at work and a (hopefully) short wait at the border and then I'm there. SO EXCITED!

We had snow this week too!

Bee said...

Hey lady, stumbled upon your blog foreverrr ago, bookmarked it, then promptly forgot about it. Found it a few days ago, remembered how much I liked it, and now added you to my feed :) Excited to try out some of your recipes sometime soon!

Bethanneleach said...

Yay for girlfriend weekends!!! Have fun!

So glad to have you back!! Welcome :D

Ellie said...

Oh man, that snow! I was so excited for Spring, unfortunately I was granted with rain, snow, hail, and lightening? Odd. Have a great time with your friend!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! I cant believe you had snow! It was 90 degrees in Texas the other day and it always amazes me how quickly and early we start experiencing "summer" here! The snow pictures look really pretty though! And I hope you have a great girls weekend! :)

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