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Happy Friday everyone! I totally admit it... I've got nothing for you today... well nothing food related. On a totally unfood related note, want to talk about shoes? Chicks like shoes right? Actually I'm a comfy shoe kinda girl. Don't get me wrong I think shoes can be super cute and fun... but I never wear them, because I like to be comfy (and be able to run away from someone at a moments notice- priorities people).

However I was in a store recently and saw these... and bought them... (you can't tell in the pic below but they have a fun ruffle detail, you can see it here. I found them in Marshalls though for half that price... awesomeness)

I wore them to a meeting yesterday (I'm such a grownup) and immediately got made fun of by my boss since while we were walking from the parking lot into the building he had to wait for me to catch up... and then informed me that Niki (awesome coworker) can haul ass in heels... I informed him that she wears them everyday and has mad skills, whereas I'm still learning... Silly men.

So tell me dear readers. Are you a form over function kinda girl? Or are you a comfy all the way kinda girl? I'm a comfy 99.9% of the time... but sometimes a girls gotta have fun right?

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Cute shoes! Since I live in the city and walk everywhere, comfort is essential. Especially since I've had stress fractures (from running) in both feet and rather keep running for years than crush my toes wearing high heels. I really don't understand some women who go to extremes (like surgery) so they can wear stilettos all the time. Yeah, I'd love to wear cuter shoes sometimes, but they kill my feet and I rather not be in pain! Like you though, I do have some heels and will wear them for meetings or special events. I am a girl, afterall!

hahahah! When Mike and I were out the other day and I wore heals for the first time in months, I had to tell him to slow down like five times so I could keep up. We're in the same boat.

Thos shoes are super cute though!

HI! I found your blog through Kari (Jogging with Fiction). I'm the same way about shoes, usually it's for comfort but sometimes I can't help myself and put on a pair of heels that I know will kill my feet!

I broke my foot/ shattered my big tow knuckle in high school so wearing
heels can be really painful for me, if I'm wearing them it means they must
be somewhat comfy (at least not painful hehe)! I've a big fan of Sofft,
Clarks, Born, these are Madden Girl, I was surprised how much cushioning
they had in the front!

LOL I can just see Mike rolling his eyes too! You should have told him to
carry you, now THAT would have been funny :)

Tara thanks so much for stopping by! Normally I post about healthy AND
delicious treats, but today was a random one :) hope you stop back! I'll
have to come check out your blog!

Destini Bridges said...

Love your shoes! Shoes make me happy. I just bought these sexy 5' peep toe maryjanes and I cant stop looking at them. I have started cooking in them. And may just want to wear them to my wedding....

OMG I love that you have been cooking in 5" heels! That is fabulous, and I
bet they would look awesome for your wedding, who says you have to wear
boring white shoes :) The would look amazing!

4" with platforms! You are hardcore girl!!! I love it!

Daisykl said...

I LOVE your new shoes. I like to be comfortable, but then I am comfortable in heels - I wear them everyday to work and sometimes on weekends when I go out shopping or to dinner. I'm short, so it works for me.

Nutmeg Nanny said...

While I love the way heels look I'm not so great in them. I recently broke my toe and can sadly no longer wear heels. My toe will not bend...:( If I had my choice I would just wear flip flops everyday in the Summer and Ugg's in the Winter...I like my comfort :)

Bee said...

Eee! Fashion post? Love it. AND LOVE THOSE SHOES. I'm a form over function most of the time, but I always have a tiny pair of flats tucked in my purse just in case. I can wear heels to the office no problem since it's mostly a sitting kind of job, and out on the town if there will be more driving than walking. Keep the spare flats in the purse though, always. You never know...

Vanessa said...

Oh Steph, those shoes are totally cute. I always try to find shoes that are both cute AND stylish. It often feels like searching for the holy grail sometimes, but it's soooooo worth it. :)

I'd last about 20 minutes in those heels, tops. But they sure are cute!

maggielauerrdh said...

When I was your age I was all about style....big heels, bleeding blisters, stumbling, didn't matter as long as my shoes were stylish. Now... well, let's just say that I keep my center of gravity closer to the ground and well arched and

Great looking shoes Steph.... I'm envious of both your youth and style dear.

Betty said...

I'm for comfort all the way! I'd fall flat on my tush if I tried wearing those, even though I do think they're really cute. :) My feet have told me that my high heel wearin' days are over.

Bethanneleach said...

I admit, I usually go for utility in a shoe, but, how crazy is this, I nearly bought almost this exact same shoe last weekend!!! The ones I bought were exactly the same brand, color an style, but instead of the ruffle detail, there was some kind of "twisting" of little strips of leather high on the back of the shoe. Instead I ended up buying a cheetah print, peep-toe heel, just as high, for a party we were going to, but I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying both. I need to go back and see if they still have them!

I'm short too so I know how you feel!

I am loving all of your comments! Sounds like from comfy to full on hurting we have the full range here :)

Tracy said...

I'm pretty much comfy all the way. Except when I wear a dress. Then I have to endure the pain for cuteness' sake. ;-)

Curls & laughter said...

Just found your blog through a blog directory.. closed the site, now I can't remember which one! lol. Anyways, looks like you have a great blog!! I'm also on the "healthy eating" plan, but still need things to taste good.. like really good. For both my sake, and my husband's (who is even pickier than I am).
Take care!
I'm your newest follower btw :)

Curls & laughter said...

p.s. You can find my blog at!

Thanks so much for following! Can't wait to check out your blog too!

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