Pretty Potato Side Dish

This weekend wasn't very eventful. We worked in the yard (the winter totally killed ours, how about you?) After what felt like 8 hours we gave up on it and called it a day. Other exciting things included painting John's man cave, looking into sofas, and lots of laundry.. we sure do know how to live on the wild side... Please tell me you all did something more exciting??

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note, sometimes side dishes can be so boring and colorless... enter in these crazy easy potatoes! Simply cubed up with some onions, a good helping of rosemary, black pepper, a little sea salt and olive oil. Toss and you are good to go!

Chop up into equal size pieces:

1 large yam
3 medium red skin potatoes
1 medium onion

Drizzle with olive oil

Add rosemary, black pepper, sea salt to taste.

After mixed together dump onto a tin foil lined pan, roast at 350 tossing around every 10 minutes. Roast for a total of 35-45 minutes or until browned.

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15 chews:

Simple side dishes like these are the best, though. I can never get enough roasted potatoes! Yum!

Jeanne said...

I also worked outside! Turning soil to make a NEW garden. (well, extend the old one.) X is getting his very own garden this year. Not too shabby fora 4 year old. And I made muffins. Wow. Sounds like I had a sorta dull wknd too. But the weather was beautiful here!

I couldn't agree more! Makes me want to stop at the store to pick up some to
make tonight!

WOW X is a very lucky kid! I wish I had a clue what I was doing and I'd grow
a garden... although the high population of deer and rabbits might have
something to say about it... hmmmm LOL

Jeanne said...

Well, I think X's direct quote was: "Just because I'm in charge doesn't mean I have to do it all, all the time, right?" That boy so already knows how to delegate!

Hannah said...

Can't go wrong with simple roasted potatoes. Lately, I've been really enjoying tossing mine with a small pinch of curry powder, too!

mmmmm! Thanks for the curry powder idea! That sounds like it would be
delicious :)

TimS said...

Garlic and pine nuts are also welcome additions. We usually do rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper, and minced shallots.

MMMMM also a great idea!! Thanks Tim!

Bee said...

I am so bad at side dishes. I always make one-dish dinners just to avoid them. This seems easy enough though, might have to try it :)

LOL I'm guilty of making one dish dinners for that exact reason too!!! It's
just so much easier that way :D

I love side dishes that basically prepare themselves :) Rosemary is so delicious with potatoes and onion - yum!

sometimes the simplest dishes are the best! this looks so good!

Tracy said...

I love roasting potatoes! I've never thrown in a yam before; I have to try that. And our yard is a mess too...but we haven't even touched ours yet...I'm totally procrastinating on that. ;-)

I am always looking for new side dishes..this one would be great! And potatoes go well with so many side dishes.

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