Sloppy Joe

This type of sloppy joe isn't the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word... I think of these.

And then I proceed to drool all over the place because I'm in LOVE with those sandwiches, in LOVE I tell you.

Today I bring you what most of you probably think of when you hear sloppy joes. This time it's an almost meatless version from Cooking Light. Mine didn't look like their picture... not even close (maybe I need to grate the carrots more finely next time), but it was tasty and I'd make it again for sure.

My only change was I used fresh ground lean chicken breast instead of the sirloin they called for.
You can find the recipe here at Cooking Light.

Have you ever had the sloppy joe version I'm talking about? Think you'd love it too?

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Bee said...

Manwich with a buttered, toasted roll is one of my top five comfort foods. I don't know if I could stray from it, but it's probably wise to have a healthy option too, just in case!

I have to admit we never had manwich when I was growing up. I recently
looked at one of the packages (due to all the 1 serving of veggies in every
serving commercials - I'm a marketers best friend) and was surprised just
how bad the nutritional stats were, I mean I knew they wouldn't be great but
WOW! LOL Not saying you shouldn't eat it or anything like that! I was just
totally surprised by the ingredient list (of the first 4 ingredients 2 are
types of sugar! yikes!) But you are talking to the girl who loves boxed mac
and cheese so I really shouldn't be talking :)

Bee said...

Haha, and the commercials are really pushing the whole "a full serving of veggies in every manwich!" --yeah my mom prides herself in making us meals that are nutritionally whole, like all food groups present and accounted for, but she admits they do have lots of fat and sugar. Being a poor post-grad I'm kind of at the mercy of their kitchen for a while, but a good toasty manwich brings me back to my childhood days, so it's a nice once-in-a-while treat :)

Jeanne said...

I could go for either of those right now! but when I think sloppy joe, I definitely think option #2.

I've never had your version of sloppy joes, but it looks great!

Nutmeg Nanny said...

It looks amazing! Now I'm hungry.....

Hannah said...

I've never seen a sloppy joe like the one you have pictured, but then again, I have maybe eaten one sloppy joe in my entire life, so I'm certainly no expert on the subject.

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