Although reports of his untimely death have been widely reported (AKA I told everyone I thought he was dead since I found a rather large tuft of bunny fur in the yard), tonight I have hard evidence that bunnykins is indeed still alive!

check it... he's giving me the eyeball

Sorry for the blur.. it was at dusk.. through a 2nd story screened window... and 300mm zoom.

In other news... the house of doom that we bought is still showing up with surprises... Awww don't you love surprises?

I now HATE surprises... and yes that would be a major support beam holding up our roof. Amazing. Did I mention I hate the previous homeowners with the vengeance of Zeus?

Do you have any random wildlife living in your yard? Bunnykins lives under the deck.

Got any house horror stories you want to tell me so I don't feel so bad about ours?

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Jeanne said...

the name Bunnykin makes me think small. He's huge!! Hey - did deer eat your tuilps this year??

I can't believe that rotten beam. Horrible!

RunningRicig said...

We have a fox roaming the neighborhood. Bungee is VERY interested.

We haven't had any home disasters yet, but we haven't put enough work into the house to discover any issues. I'm thinking when we try to put in the back door slider we're going to find some fun...

Yeah we went to replace that support post since the bottom looked like it
was rotting a little. Once the metal came off of it and off of the above
beam we found that... awesome. I thought buying a house with siding was a
good thing.. turns out it just hides a ton of problems!

Good point, that does sound like a little bunny's name. This guy is a fatty!
We also have a fox roaming around... hence why I thought the large tuft of
fur = no more bunny. And we HAVE tulips this year!!! The deer must have read
my blog last year and saw the death threat I had out for them! LOL

We've got tons of wildlife: A squirrel momma that had twins in our tree, a groundhog under the deck, a chipmunk in the garden, 6 deer that sleep in the back yard, a raccoon that comes by sometimes. Its like living in the zoo. :)

Oh WOW! You do have a zoo in your backyard!! Your garden must not stand a
chance with all those hungry mouths :)

Stephanie said...

The water heater in our trailer leaked so badly that it rotted the floor and fell right through. As in most older mobile homes, to access it we had to tear out the drywall. And of course my husband went "whoa! I have to go poke at it now!" and got an electrical shock so strong that it knocked him unconscious. Being a homeowner is fun stuff, yo.

Bee said...

There was a woodchuck in our backyard who met an untimely end thanks to a speeding pickup truck :( It was horrifying actually, I drove past expecting him to be dead, and he was still breathing and making the most pathetic noises... Sooo sad! I called my landlord and I'm pretty sure he put the poor thing out of its misery...

OK that would have made me cry. Glad your landlord was there so he didn't
have to suffer though, but so sad :(

OMG! That does sound bad!! And yikes for your husband!!! I'm assuming he was
ok but eek! I would have freaked out if I was you!!!

Tracy said...

I think the only major structural problem we had was mold up in the roof...but we replaced all that wood when we got the roof re-done. The rest of our problems are minor annoyances compared to something like that beam...yikes!

Holly said...

The people that owned my house did NO preventive maintenance. I had to install 10 piers to support the foundation after I moved in! I had a roof leak that required fixing, and a fence that fell down once. You are NOT alone! :)

LotusFoodLtd said...

We see a lot of wildlife in the city--deer especially often wander out of the forest preserves. I've seen possums, raccoons, hawks, coyotes, and of course, lots of rabbits, all in my urban neighborhood.

Thanks for the story!! It's nice to know you aren't alone when all this
stuff is happening. Ugg sounds like you had similar previous homeowners to
me BOOO!!!

I think the animals know they were here before us :) So they just come on
back and say move on over!

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