Tuna Bow Tie Salad

Everyone has all sorts of memories from their childhood. I've got tons of good ones, especially ones involving my Nana...

see even then I was constantly eating...

Some memories though are not so amazing. On my list of not amazing is tuna bow tie pasta salad *bleh* I remember it being a fixture at family picnics (it was probably served at the picnic pictured above!), and I remember hating it. I'd be much happier eating a burger or hot dog, maybe a little ambrosia salad, but tuna bow tie salad.. ugggg pass that one right along.

John had mentioned at some point that the only use for bow tie pasta was in this very dish... so I assumed that meant he liked this dish. So what do I do? Go and make this up thinking he's going to be all excited to eat it... WRONG.

So now I have a batch of this stuff and neither of us want to eat it... want some? Don't I make it sound so good? :)

Tuna bow tie salad
recipe made up from my very bad memory (Check out my mom's comment to see how it was really made back in my childhood!)

1/2 box whole wheat bow tie pasta (cooked, drained, and cooled)
2 cans white tuna packed in water, drained
1/2 cup frozen peas (actually I think moms version had broccoli maybe? and probably come celery and carrots.... maybe)
2 Tbs-ish italian salad dressing of choice
few glugs red hot (I'm positive that wasn't in mom's version)
salt/ pepper/ celery seeds to taste

Mix it all together, toss in the fridge.. and bring it to a picnic.. where I will NOT be eating it :)

What's one thing you always hated that was a fixture in your family meals? Or you know.. you can tell me something you love too, no need to be negative :)

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Mom said...

Sorry you didn't like the pasta salad from your childhood. I still love you, but I have to say I don't think I would particularly like the one you made either. The only things in yours that were actually in mine are the tuna and an italian type dressing. Here are my ingredients:
broccoli, steamed but still a bit crunchy
regular bow-tie pasta
fresh red peppers
dressing had olive oil, red wine vinegar, capers, oregano, finely minced garlic and salt & pepper

Faith said...

Awww, it was really sweet of you to make this for your hubby...sorry you guys don't like it! It does look like a great thing to bring on a picnic...and I love your mom's idea of adding broccoli and red peppers!

hahaha, nicely done. Just yesterday I asked Mike what ambrosia salad was. We were both stumped.

What did I hate at family dinners? Pretty much anything other than the rolls. I was a picky eater

Jeanne said...

Love the picture! Sooo cute.
I feel the same about tuna/pasta/salad.

Thanks Mom! It's ok that I didn't like it :) Thanks for the real recipe..
see my brain was kinda going in the right direction... kinda.. ok not

I made the mistake of not asking him if you would like it before making it!
If you are going to try this make it Mom's way for sure :)

It's the best stuff ever! However if I just read the ingredients... I'd
think it was the nastiest thing ever. But growing up eating it and not
knowing what was in it... LOVE

You know you love my little curly fro :) LOL

Jeanne said...

I *totally* love the little fro. You realize (as your twin!) I had one too. check out the hair! (and my awesome dress):

Jennifer_m_snow said...

Yeah, no offense, but I agree with Mom- I don't think I'd like your version either! Still love you though.

Fidgetysmidgets said...

Post-Turkey-Dinner Turkey Soup. Mainly we (brother and I) hated it because it was a staple 3 times a day for a week after the delicious feast. And when we asked for something different, we'd get the same thing with a different name.

LOL I'm loving that they would give it a new name!!!
That's pretty creative on your parents part :)

Tracy said...

Haha, I know what you mean about certain dishes you wish you'd never have to see again. Someone always used to bring some kind of jello salad to every event and I just hated it...blech. To this day I can't eat anything like it!

Bee said...

I need to tackle making tuna salad. Boyfriend always makes Tuna Helper and I contemplate feeding it to the cat. I'm sure there are wondrous things we can do with tuna. I enjoy the canned fish on occasion, but most of the time I can't get over the smell.

Kimberlycun said...

simple but comforting and loads of nostalgia. i like!

I grew up eating something similar but it also had grapes and water chestnuts in it! :)

Fvknapp said...

I can take this dish a step further....this dish has tomato sauce and is served hot. I remember it growing-up.
Just recently for Easter my mother in law served up a pasta tuna salad, very similar to this one. She was a bit upset, that most of it remained at the end of the day.

Nutmeg Nanny said...

I actually think this sounds like something I would eat...haha. But then again i grew up in the Midwest and have a love for things like casserole, game meat and jello :)

Oh my I must say that does sound worse! Eek! I wouldn't have been able
to eat it!

Christy said...

It was spaghetti pie...whenever there was company coming, my family thinks recipe is a crowd pleaser. Fail! Maybe if we were Italian it would be a winner, but we're from the south and therefore sugar goes in the tomato sauce and it is soooo sweet and bland. Gag! I still love my family and the get togethers though!!

Patty said...

Your mom's recipe sound really good what with the capers and the peppers, ect. Yours.....well no!! lol If I were to make your mom's recipe I would by habit have to add parmesan cheese. There were a ton of things that I didn't care for because my parents are "old school" Europeons and there were pleasant and sometimes NOT dishes that sprung up on the table. To make this short you can bet I ran the other way when anything with liver in it appeared, and I still do.

Emily Hobbs said...

This salad looks very tasty. I think bow ties are my favorite pasta. I love the texture.

Oh yikes! Sugar in pasta sauce makes me cringe too! hehe

Ugg I think any kid would run from liver (and most adults probably too! I

Stephanie said...

What is it with the midwest? Every picnic I went to we also had a Jell-O mold, a variety of game (raccoon is GROSS, btw), and like 6 kinds of pasta/potato casserole.

LOL racoon? Yikes! I'd be ok with the jell-o molds though :D

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