Birds eye Viola

Through the Foodbuzz tastemaker program I got a coupon to try a Birds Eye Viola frozen stirfry for free. After looking at the variety of choices I went with the teriyaki chicken, the calories and fat weren't too bad so I figured I'd give it a go.
Basically it's dinner in 10 minutes, perfect for a busy night like we had last night. Simply open the package, toss into a big pan, cut open the frozen sauce pouch and smoosh out the sauce, 1/4 cup of water and you are good to go. The frozen sauce pack did kinda scare me.. it's that big brown lump in the picture above. But in 10 minutes it looked like this:violastirfry
The package says 2.5 servings... ummm they must be some pretty small people since John and I shared this and at the end looked at each other and said... soooo what else should we eat :D Based on the fact this came from Birds Eye I was surprised there weren't more veggies in the mix. Lots of rice (white unfortunately) and a LOT of sauce, and shockingly tender chicken. Seriously I am NOT a fan of frozen chicken and these tenders tasted really good!

I really liked the flavor of this one and am excited to try some of the other varieties, I will however, be picking up a bag of frozen veggies to add to it. I think with some more veggies this would be the perfect quick and filling meal.

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