Swinging from the ceiling


Have you ever gone to a cirque du soleil show? Or maybe seen one of TV? I must say I'm obsessed with watching the pure athleticism of the performers. Knowing very little about swinging from the ceiling on long silk like drapes I decide to learn more and take a class at Aerial Arts Rochester this weekend.


This pose was surprisingly comfy... no seriously it was!

This one however hurt your underarms wicked! you're basically wrapped in the silk and then fly across the room. I'm actually flying towards the teacher who took the picture for me, luckily I didn't knock him over :)


Upside down yoga anyone? SO MUCH FUN!!! If you have any interest at all go try it, I was mad sore the next day but it was so worth it! I think I may need to sign up for a six week beginners session to learn more... because after this first class I am hooked! I fully realize I look utterly ridiculous in most of these pictures, but hey what can I say, I'm pretty freakin ridiculous all the time :)


Ever tried it?? Want to???

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9 chews:

You've got some skills!! Holy cow, that looks fun.

Jeanne said...

You are crazy. :)

You must be crazy too though since we get along so well and are so alike ;) hehe

Kari you would LOVE it!! You need to see if there is a studio near you, I bet all the stretching and strength building would be great for running :)

Colleen @ Mommy Panda said...

Haha I always thought that looked fun. And holy crap your arms!

You should go try it!! Look and see if they have a place out where you moved to :) Or come when you visit Rochester :) and LOL yeah my arms have always been kinda big I like to flex and make jokes about them, again, I'm ridiculous. HA!

Barbara Gilbert said...

I'd do it in a minute if I could take 30 years off my age.  You just don't do these things at 70.

They have a candlelight relaxation class too that would be perfect for you! :)

 No, I have never tried it and No, I never want to. (Too old!) But you looked like you were having a ball!

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