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Some people find a hidden glorious spot and refuse to share it with others, for fear the added foot traffic will ruin the mystique of the hidden place. I say if you find something amazing, tell everyone about it! Mrs. Pierson taught me very well about sharing back in kindergarten, she'd be so proud!
So here's the secret spot. Hidden Springs Farm - 51 Probst Rd. Mendon NY (their website looks like it hasn't been updated since spring... so ignore most of what it says).
A hilly bike ride away from where I live it's my new favorite place to frequent. Did I mention the gigantic hill that doesn't seem so bad in a car... but on a bike SUCKS? Seriously it went on forever, and then this older guy easily passes by me and says, "pretty big long hill huh?" I was like what?? I just got passed by someone twice my age?? But I go to spin twice a week, and run 3 days a week, and lift weights??? HUH??? Apparently even though I think I kick some serious bottom in spin class, I'm not so good in real life applications. *sigh* (don't worry I didn't actually say all those things out loud)
Once at the farm you will find a stand that uses the honor system, so bring lots of singles, or a local check to pay. For sale were: onions, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, raspberries, corn, sunflowers, apples, plums, peaches, brown eggs... they are also a pick your own farm! I didn't since I biked and only had a small backpack (not the best for transporting boatloads of raspberries) but I will be going back for sure soon!
I picked up a basket of amazingly delicious tomatoes ($2.50), and a basket of fabulous peaches ($3.50). Seriously local YUM. If you live near Rochester NY, please check this place out and support this awesome farm!

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Jeanne said...

So cool! I'd say, get eggs next time. Except... maybe not if you are biking. Not that I expect you to fall... but still 

Yeah bikes and eggs don't mix.. but they mash really well :)

I am pretty much down the road, I'll have to check this out! It's nice to find another local blogger :) 

Tracy said...

Sounds awesome! Will definitely have to check it out!!

We should have a Rochester blogger meetup! Tracy (cc'ed here) is also local :)

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