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Before John and I bought our current house we redid the kitchen in his house. Man I loved what we did to that kitchen... when searching for a new home you can't always find everything you perfectly want... hence our current kitchen. Sure it's big with tons of counter space and cabinets... but it's kinda ugly, and it has this huge built in hexagonal table... I'd take pictures to show you... but then there would be proof that it really exists.

I find myself redesigning our current kitchen in my head all the time. Even to the point of picking out things like more bar stools to go around the new wonderful counter height island and breakfast bar I'd like to add. New more modern cabinets, stainless steel accents, maybe a bigger window. I mean look at how beautiful this kitchen is! (bonus it's pretty close to our current size/layout!)

Source: via Julie on >Pinterest

Look at that kitchen! Seriously what's not to love? And you could put two cute bar stools right up to the island... >Ok these stools aren't at all modern but they would totally go in this space.


I'm totally in love with this kitchen too.

Unfortunately for us a kitchen redo is nowhere in the near future... said house had a ton of surprises we had to sink money into instead... darn you house!

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If you could redo your kitchen what would you do? Do you daydream and shop in your head about what you would buy and what you'd redo? I need one of those redesign TV shows to show up at my house! Seriously! How do I make that happen?

PS. I am so sorry for the horrible spacing in this post. Blogger is doing something totally messed up and I can't make them go away! I delete them and then they show up even worse! Anyone else having this issue?? It's driving me batty!

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Jeanne said...

I've always wanted a place where i can eat my breakfast sitting at on a bar stool every day. Love the dark wood too.

Tracy said...

But I love your hexagon table LOL! I dream about re-doing our kitchen all the time...mostly the counters since they are blue and I stubbornly themed the rest of the kitchen yellow and green and refused to acknowledge it. ;-) But the floor needs serious re-doing too. I still need to have you over some time!!

Sweetsandals (Barbara) said...

I also need a kitchen re-do.  We have replaced all the appliances and the disposal, but I need all new cabinets and counter tops.  I miss the kitchen in our home in Ohio.  Everything changes when you retire and downsize.  I love the kitchen in the first picture, and the classic library-chair look of the bar stool.  Beautiful taste you have!

I totally want to come see your house! Craft/cooking day soon!? :)

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