Never too old to play

Rochester has a ton of amazing places to visit, John and I played hookie for a half day last week and went on a daytime date to the National Museum of Play which is right down the street from where I work. It's more so a place for kids, but in all reality there is TONS to keep the parents occupied.. or two certain someones who don't have kids but still like to play like ones.

John picked me up at work and we headed for a quick lunch at the Owl House (sorry forgot to take pictures) I had the buffalo tempe sandwich and it was AMAZING! Then it was off to the museum to get our play on!

We really enjoyed the new football exhibit and I learned I had better balance than John, and our reaction times are the same. I did the sprint test.. John opted out on that one deciding not to look like a fool (I on the other hand have no issues looking like a fool in public) Just see exhibit A below :)
Yeah I'm pretty amazing and can crawl up walls... BUT I really suck at dance dance revolution
There is a whole room on weird angles so you can learn about perspective. Check out how big I look compared to John. Gotta love optical illusions! (for those who don't know us, John is almost a full foot taller than me)
There's also a room with everything on a tilt that you can walk through... It totally messes with your sense of up and down. Last time I went in it gave me vertigo and I fell over (then I noticed the sign saying not to enter if you easily get dizzy... whoops) The very loving wife I am I tried to trick John into going in, he went about three steps in and started getting dizzy and stumbled out. Yeah he wasn't too pleased with me as I laughed and pointed to the dizzy sign.

On a food related topic they have a kid size Wegmans (local grocery store) where kids can grab a cart and shop the shelves and then even use real scanners in checkout lines to scan their fake purchases, so much fun for kids! I LOVED playing with fake food when I was a kid. :)

Great day had by all! Although John did try to pick up this random super model looking chick... not cool husband not cool..

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7 chews:

that looks like so much fun! Mike and I like to go to the peabody museum and hang out with the dinosaurs!

Jeanne said...

Looks like an awesome day! Fun!

Ames' Rooms are awesome, aren't they?  Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

Look at you being all smart and knowing what the room is called :) So fun!

Cog. Sci. major :)

Tracy said...

Haha, sounds like fun!

Emily said...

Hahaha.  Nice try, husband.   This looks like such a fun day!!

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