Teacher's Pet

Were you a good student? How about the teacher's pet? Yeah lets face it, I was. Front row, hand always shooting into the air... yup I was that annoying nerd... I couldn't help that I loved physics and books! Even if you weren't a good student I think you'll still love this skirt by Shabby Apple.


If you head over to Shabby Apple to see the skirt you'll notice it ends at the girls knee... that girl must be a giant, because as you see on my 5'4" frame it hits about mid calf. I was thinking I'd need to do a quick shortening so it ended at my knee like in the pictures on their site... but I'm kinda liking how it looks in these shots.. what do you think? Shorten it or leave it as is?


Yeah that's right I walked down to a cornfield to try and get a better picture.. John is still making fun of me for it. But back to the skirt! I love how flattering the high waist is! Seriously I'm so happy high waisted skirts are in fashion right now. Do you love them? Or do you still like the low ridding skirts of years past?

Short or long I'm in love with the pleats and stripes on this skirt!

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Full disclosure: Shabby Apple provided me this skirt for free, I would still love it the same even if I paid for it. Love it!

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Bethanneleach said...

Steph, you crack me up! If I wanted to walk down to a cornfield, all I have to do is step off my deck! lol seriously though, I like the skirt the way it is. I think it would look good short as well, but I'd hate to lose that bid wide stripe of black at the bottom. Without that it would be a completely different skirt.

Think of how convenient you have it for impromptu photoshoots! This field is only about 4 houses down my street so I didn't have too far to go :) Although about 3 neighbors asked me where I was headed with a camera and tripod! I failed to mention I was taking pictures of myself... not the cornfield LOL! I didn't want them thinking I'm a total nut-ball... but it may be too late for that anyway...

Jeanne said...

Love the cornfield shot! The length is totally starting to grow on me!

I can totally see you as the teacher's pet, with Mike moping or falling asleep in the back of the class :)

Hannah said...

Adorable! I don't mind high waisted skirts, although I typically wear them the wrong way like low-rise instead. Mostly a fit issue... But it does make them nice and long for colder days. ;)

Definitely outstanding in your field...hee!

I like it exactly the length it is.

HAHH best comment ever!

GoodGram said...

You have my ear, and my eyes as well!  I like your skirt very much, but then being an OLD person, I never liked the low riders.  I always loved showing off my tiny waist when I was young! 

I think that skirt looks amazing on you :)

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