Ginger Coconut Cookies

Happy 11-11-11! Anyone getting married? Apparently it's a popular day for it, half my office is off today because they are headed to weddings! Seems like a good day to celebrate if you ask me... but don't make these cookies, they were awful! I take full responsibility, I was tossing this and that haphazardly into the bowl, following nothing in particular. My downfall was in the baking soda, I must have scooped too much in or maybe scooped the right amount in twice... since that's ALL I could taste when these came out of the oven. *BLEH*
Too bad they looked so darn good, cause they were horrible I say!! If you were wondering they WERE suppose to be a ginger cookie that was rolling in unsweetened coconut. I still think it sound delicious... I just need to actually pay attention next time :)

What recent disasters have you done?

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7 chews:

Jeanne said...

I made sweet potato soup and... it just wasn't as good as it could have been. As it has been in the past. And unfortunately... I'm still eating it for lunch today!
Too bad these cookies didn't work out.

Sunshine said...

But...but...they look so tasty.

Barbara said...

No disasters, but I got new Penzeys spices today!  They have the best freebies when you get their snail mail catalog!  I could live in their adorably cute stores.  Yummies live there, waiting to happen. 

OO love those spices! My parents got me a set last christmas and they are so good!

PressureCookerDiaries said...

I like the idea.  I might try the rolled coconut thing on my favorite ginger cookie recipe, instead of sugar in the raw.

Simply Life said...

oh they definitely look delicious and oh so cute!

Hannah said...

Aw, sorry they didn't turn out because it does sound like a really good idea! I hope you'll give them another try- Coconut ginger cookies would be an excellent way to shake up the usual holiday cookie plate. :)

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