Quick no sew scarf

I love the look of infinity scarves and have been "meaning" to knit one up for awhile now... In all reality I'd just like one to magically appear for me :) But then I found this super easy 5-10 minute no sew scarf!

You can make one using an old tshirt, or buy some knit material to use... if you cut up a tshirt you will need to sew the pieces together though... so for my version I used some knit I had leftover from making a cute shirt awhile ago. Mine didn't turn out looking anything like the tutorial I was following here. Whoops. I still like it though :)

Simply cut out a long rectangle, this will be about the size of your scarf so make it as long or short as you'd like.
Now accordion fold it on a table.
Now take some scissors and go to town, making matching cuts on both sides. (I didn't make my cuts long enough so I had to go back and do it again, make them about 2-3 times the length I have cut here.
Unfold and stretch it all over the place!
Wrap around your neck for the usual scarf... or tie the ends together and you've got a super easy infinity scarf! (you will have tassel like ends on each side, so easy to tie each one together to the other side)
Done and done.
Have you been crafting anything up lately? Lets see what you've made!

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2 chews:

Jeanne said...

cute. (nice feather.)

Simply Life said...

I've never seen this before- love it!

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