Hey did you know I'm training to be an astronaut?
Ok no, no I'm not. But I sure was dressed like one this past weekend! You see we have a full size basement under most of our house, but an addition was put on in the 80's and that section has a very very small crawl space, the only entranceway being the hole you see above. The thing is that part of the house is always a little chillier than the rest, so John wanted to insulate the ductwork that goes into the crawl space then up through the walls...
The issue is there is NO WAY John can fit into the entrance hole... and even if he did get in, he really wouldn't be able to move around very easily.

Enter me. Loving wife. Hater of small dark cobweb filled spaces.
For months now it's been an ongoing joke of him asking me when I'd venture in to do insulating work and investigate, and I'd joke right back, no way in hell am I going in there!
Well folks, I finally gave in, but not after first making him promise to 1. get me an awesome full body suit. 2. Fully light the crawlspace so it wasn't so scary. 3. Not leave the opening so he could help me out in case I freaked out.
At one point I had a very Winnie the Pooh moment trying to get out of the entrance... think of it this way, I was half way out and got stuck, so all John could see was the big white marshmallow man bottom with legs hanging down. Thankfully he didn't capture that part on film.
All in all it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be, and we had a fun time joking about my awesome, slimming outfit :) What fun/amusing things have you done that you originally said "hell no!" to?

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5 chews:

Ha! Way to be. I'm pretty sure I'd be too terrified to do that. I'd get in and then have a panic attack and never come out.

*thumping noise coming from basement* weird what was that??? "oh that's just Kari, the previous home owner, she went into the crawl space and never did come back out, she lives there now" ;)

Jeanne said...

LOL. Love the suit. You are soooo hilarious. And obviously a loving wife. The words crawl-space make me cringe. Go you!

Shelley in HI said...

Awesome story with cordinating photos!  I have to say I was giggling a little...happy holidays!  Next time I'm in the ROC I want to see this house of yours :)

Hannah said...

Ha, love the outfit! These photos are priceless. ;)

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