A salty old lad he was

Ok this isn't about a salty old lad... it's about Java Gourmet... a java and seneca salt (yup!! seneca as in the lake right here near Rochester NY!) rub and sprinkles that lend an amazing complexity to your foods. Boring burger no more! Don't worry it doesn't taste like a burger soaked in coffee.. umm eww? The coffee flavor turns into a more smokey nutty flavor when you cook it.
A friend sent me a care package of the stuff to try because she loved it so much and I was super excited to give it a try. But hmm what to make? If you're smart you could head to their page to see all their recipes... or you could be like me and do it freestyle!

I actually used the java sprinkles on the roasted veggies above, and the beef java rub on my burger (it gave it a beautiful caramelized crust when I cooked it, and tasted amazing).

Knowing how much my friend and I loved this stuff we contacted Java Gourmet and asked if they wanted to sell their product on Foodiacs! They were happy to agree and they are our featured product until tomorrow. What? Not enough incentive to go and buy your favorite foodie some? How about a 25% off code because I love you guys?

You have until December 31 to enter the code: JAVAGTSCB25 during checkout to receive 25% off your order of Java Gourmet! And don't just stop there, browse around and see what other delicious things you could get your loved ones for the holidays... or buy yourself a fun gift!

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Jeanne said...

That looks super yum!

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