GF Muffin FAIL

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Oye... oye... OYE... not good, really not good. I don't think they are salvageable... but I HATE throwing things out... and wasting ingredients. No need to link to the recipe, it was from a blog, and their pictures made them look beautiful... not like mine... which makes me wonder if I missed a step... or something... 3/4 of a cup of peanut butter... 3/4 cup brown sugar... brown rice and garbanzo bean flour... 1/2 Tbs pumpkin pie spice...and they don't really taste like anything... at all?? That white center is a yogurt center... but it just tasted like egg if you ask me... not a good thing in my book. Don't get me wrong I LOVE eggs... but I don't love having a lump of egg in the center of my muffin...
I was making these to bring into my GF coworker... I will probably bring them in still to let her try... but I'll for sure warn her first... eeek. SORRY!!! UPDATE: John ate 4 of these between yesterday and this morning... and says they have a subtle taste, but they aren't horrible... sooo maybe my taste buds were off yesterday? Hard to say... maybe John is just a human garbage disposal...

Tell me some of your kitchen fails! :)

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Jeanne said...

I hate it when good looking recipes fail. :(

The picture is still pretty :).

I hate it when recipes don't turn out. Mike likes to name them. So far I've made Cakies (cookies that were the consistency of cake) and grossies (yep, you get the idea).

John totally names them too, lol actually he names the tasty ones new weird names too... ahh men LOL

Hannah said...

Hey, not every recipe is perfect. We live and learn.
That texture looks spot-on for a gluten-free baked good, though!

Tracy said...

I'm the same way; I hate wasting ingredients...but failure is bound to happen once in a while when you cook a lot! I always just throw it use wasting calories on something I don't enjoy!

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