Fancy in 15 Flat

I love it when a meal looks like it took forever, when really it took 15 minutes total! I made this on a work night and when John pulled into the driveway and found this waiting for him on the table he was seriously impressed.

The secret are the muscles. I've never cooked them before and quite frankly they scare me. I bought these frozen in a butter garlic sauce from BJ's. Pop them frozen into a pan, heat for 5 minutes, cover and simmer for 3 minutes. DONE. I poured the butter garlic sauce off and added them along with some shrimp (fully cooked and frozen variety- just defrost first before adding) to wegmans diavola sauce. Boil up some whole wheat pasta and DONE. Dinner's on the table!! I'll have to let you know the brand next time I buy more of the muscles, since I just realized the cardboard box they came in is currently out at the curb in our recycle bin... and it's snowing out... so I'm not going out to look :D

What quick meals do you like to make? Give 'um up, I need ideas for dinner!!

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3 chews:

chaobunny said...

wow that looks amazing i can't believe you made it in 15 minutes!!

Jeanne said...

wow. 15 min? you rock! :)

I know crazy right!? I'm not even exaggerating time wise!

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