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Since Hobbes showed up things have been changing around here. We don't get to sleep past 7 on a good day, we're taking tons more walks/hikes/runs, and baking has gone to the dogs!

You see we started obedience classes last week. John and I came with a small bag of treats and soon realized as the trainer said (ok say your dogs name and give them a treat when they look at you... 10 times in a row), that the treats I brought were way too huge and I sure didn't bring enough with us!

Instead of going out to buy smaller treats I decided to make my own. Just last week I saw a recipe for dog biscuits with only 4 ingredients, I knew I had to make them for Hobbes.

If you click over to Use real butter you'll notice her dog is balancing a treat on her nose. Yeah Hobbes isn't to that level of obedience school yet, so you'll have to settle for these shots :)I used a shot glass to make larger treats, and then a tiny cookie cutter that came with a snow flake set to make the tiny "coffin shaped" ones, yeah that's what John says they look like. Hey, they are the right size for obedience class, so I don't care what they look like :)


Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats
found on use real butter, she got the recipe from Dessert First

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 large eggs
2/3 cup pumpkin purée, canned or fresh
3 tbsps peanut butter

Preheat the oven to 350°F. Place all ingredients in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Mix on medium for about a minute or until the dough looks like a bunch of little dough balls. If you pinch a piece and it crumbles, add a little water. If it’s really sticky, it’s too wet and you’ll need to add a little flour. Gather the dough together and form into a ball. Place on a lightly floured work surface and roll it out to about 1/4-inch thickness. You can either use a cookie cutter to cut out cute shapes or use a knife to cut squares or strips. I am pretty sure the dog doesn’t care, but I rather prefer the cute shapes. I gather the scraps together and roll them out again and again until I’ve used up the dough. Place the cookies on a baking sheet. They can be crowded pretty close together since they don’t expand much. Bake 15-20 minutes for softer treats or 30 minutes for hard treats. Let cool completely. Makes 100+ 1-inch heart-shaped dog treats.

Don't worry I'm still baking up a storm for John and me :)

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Louisa Shiffer said...

I have never made pumpkin dog treats-my usual recipe is with tuna and salmon(I actually posted it on my blog not too long ago)

I'm making an assortment of dog treats for an event with the rescue group I am a foster for, and these are going to go in the lineup!

Dog treats for everyone!!  Hobbes is adorable, BTW :)

Jeanne said...

Yay Hobbes and obedience class. You will have the best behaved and fed dog on the block.

OO I'd love to give your recipe a try too! It doesn't look like you typed in your blog address into DISQUS, at least it isn't linking, could you let me know what it is so I can check it out? What a fun thing to do for rescue dogs! I hope they like them as much as Hobbes does, she loves them! Thanks!

Let's hope so! hehe :)

Louisa Shiffer said...

Yeah, I can't figure out linking on all of these different comment platforms-I'm not the most technologically adept person around :P  But my blog is http://www.chiffonadeofparsley.com  Scroll down, and the treats are there :)

Bee said...

Nice! My little pup is way too picky for me to want to spend time making her treats from scratch, but I keep considering making some for my cat (made with tuna!).

I don't know why I never thought to make cat treats!! I should make some for the cats at work :)

Tracy said...

I love making doggy treats, and Riley loves them too! Next time I'll have to try adding pumpkin!

Hannah said...

Aw, what an obedient little guy! I'm impressed when dogs obey the most simple commands, because my pup is far too willful to listen to us.  She graduated second to last in her obedience school class.... And the dog who ranked last was actually put to sleep shortly thereafter. Yikes! We love her anyway, she just has a mind of her own. ;)

Eek! Some puppies are just going to do what they want to do I guess :) Bet she's still adorable though!

Valerie Garrison said...

I sent these out with christmas cookies this year, and since it made so many I also brought some in for my coworkers' dogs. That was yesterday. It's before noon, and I've already had 2 coworkers call to tell me how much their dogs loved them and to ask for the recipe.

In other words, great recipe yet again. Thanks (:

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