Ms. Eliza Bennet Shirt

Modeled after a Jane Austin heroine, I quickly fell in love with this shirt pattern over at Meanie Greene (click to get the pattern). Whimsical, polished, super comfy, what's not to love? I do admit I didn't totally follow the patter, yes I know you aren't surprise. You see it called for a side zipper.. and me and zippers, well we get along fine... except when the sewing machine gets involved, then we're enemies. So I decided to forgo the zipper + belt and used elastic instead (cop-out).

I was going to try and explain what I did to end up with this shirt... but the more I wrote, the more confusing it got... so I think it's better if I just keep my mouth shut.

Basically I used her pattern up to step 6. Then I got creative with elastic and creating a side wrap with button closure. (see the cute yellow button on my side) The end. :)

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8 chews:

Jeanne said...

I love, love, love this shirt! So cute!!! 

Bee said...

I need to get into sewing, hah. This looks adorable!

so impressed by your skills!

Megan Elberty said...

Looks like a great pattern. I can see you had fun with it. Maybe I will try my own variation. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lovely fabric- That pattern is so timeless, and yet still somehow has a touch of "retro chic" to it. Very nice. :)

donna said...

Very nice!

Monica Farrell said...

Great idea on the side-wrap with the yellow button. I'm the opposite on zippers. I'll do a zipper over a button-hole any day :)

Monica Farrell said...

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